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"Thanks, you did a wonderful job cleaning our rental. Especially the stairs and floors. I did call about not cleaning under the couch. I do understand why you would not considering the wood floors. Everything else was wonderful. I will happily recommend your company to friends."

- Karen M., Guelph, ON

"Great job!"

- Kathleen W., Guelph, ON

"Environmentally friendly"

- Wolf E., Guelph, ON

"I like that your staff showed up on time and I especially like that they bring all the supplies."

- Karen S., Guelph, ON

"It is always a pleasure to see the results after a Merry Maids visit! The cheerful, accommodating staff are the icing on the cake!"

- K.G., Guelph, ON

"Merry Maids is very accomodating to our schedule. The girls are very dependable and friendly. We really enjoy our home after they have done their work"

- Hania W., Guelph, ON

"Excellent job and so thorough. Really helpful when moving to have this wonderful service."

- Lynn S., Guelph, ON

"I like the fact that Merry Maids is consistent in their cleaning i.e. things don't get missed. I also appreciate that you do a few "extras" every time you clean, so that some of the more minor, infrequent cleaning needs get addressed over time"

- Helen S., Guelph, ON

"The best thing about your service is that you do what you say when it comes to cleaning our homes, and do it very well. Your staff knows their job and goes above and beyond, all with a great smile. The products are also safe and friendly (and smell great!)."

- Ralph V., Guelph, ON

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